Saturday, April 23, 2011

Content Strategy - The Three Cs of Social Media Content

The blog -   A Passion for Wine – A Passion for Marketing -  has a great post about how to begin thinking about a content strategy for social media.
"To be sure, this process is one that takes time and getting to know the client deeply so as to be able to help in the conception, creation and curation of their content, a significant part of any plan or model that involves Social Media, as it is the content that gets people talking about their company online with more regularity.
So I thought that it would be valuable to briefly describe what I call The Three C’s of Content Strategy - ConceptionCreationCuration
Social media content strategy always begins with understanding your internal appetite for loss of control and transparency.  Are you going to be comfortable getting negative comments and are you prepared to deal with them in a positive way that turns a bad situation around? Going social is about having conversations and sometimes, conversations can get heated. Have a plan for monitoring and handling customer complaints whenever they post them.