Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Content Curation - Content Strategy vs. Museums

Here's an excellent article by Jonathan Salem Baskin on applying the concepts of museum curation to the idea of content curation.

There is a lot that we as content strategists can learn from folks who do "real curation."
"The collection as a whole is what defines a brand for consumers, and its placement and propagation on the Web is the branding. You can't go to a marketing event without getting lectured on how to curate content. Books have been written about it.
But I know real curators -- I'm working with one of the world's preeminent museums right now -- and their work has nothing to do our version of it. Claiming that we build rocket ships would be about as accurate. Actually, we could learn from these curators, especially considering that the museums and other research-based institutions where they work score incredibly high on consumer rankings of authority and reputation."

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  1. I appreciate this article. I seek to rank as an authority when I write content but have never thought of trying to write like a curator. Thanks for the fresh perspective.

  2. By "accident" I came across the contentsstrategyweblog and can't but ponder what has happened since November 30th, 2011 - I.e. this post. This is a real nice site. Would have been great to keep it alive.

    Cheers, Lucas