Thursday, September 9, 2010

Listening Should be a Huge Part of Your Content Strategy

All too often, Web consultants rush to drive clients to what's new or trendy without stopping to see what the market is really interested in.

Beyond, a new content consultancy in San Francisco is focusing on just that. They have methodology that focuses on listening to the customers first, figuring out what kinds of things they like to talk about, and THEN developing a content strategy that creates and delivers the desired kinds of conversations, where they like to have these conversations.

A Web site is not always the answer and neither is a blog or social media. Don't start with the delivery platform in mind. Find out what the market wants first.
"Next Fifteen Launches Beyond, A New Type of Digital Consultancy
According to Matt Iliffe, Creative director and founder of Type3, "The days of Web strategy are gone. It is now about creating a content strategy grounded in what people want to talk about and then making sure that that content is available anywhere, on any platform. In some cases that could be an owned property, but in other cases it might be a third-party community or media destination.

"Just because we are a digital consultancy doesn't mean we will recommend you spend thousands on building something. We all know if you build it, they don't always come," concluded Iliffe."
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