Thursday, April 16, 2009

Content Strategist Title is Becoming a Standard in Web Agencies

While out in Austin for the South by Southwest Interactive festival, I had a chance to talk to a lot of agency people. A lot. One of the questions I always asked was "Do you have people on staff with the title Content Strategist?" Almost all of them did and content strategy was part of their standard offering to clients.

Certainly all of the really big agencies I talked to had content strategists on staff and also frequently brought them in on contract along with extra information architects.
Here are a few of the big names that hire content strategists:
  • IBM
  • UPS
  • Sapient
  • Avenue A / Razorfish
  • HUGE
  • Think Interactive
  • Ogilvy Interactive
  • Macquarium

We're going mainstream!


  1. Add Genex to the list, though I'm not sure they have any actual content strategists anymore since I left.

  2. We've had content strategists at Razorfish since 2000. I was one of the firsts!