Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Content Strategist by Any Other Name

While looking at the state of the Content Strategy job market yesterday, I noticed that there are still a lot of jobs that are listing "content strategist" type job requirements using different job titles.

We are going through the same that that information architects had to go through a few years ago. The need for a new job function usually becomes clear long before we all settle on a standard job title. So when looking for a content strategist job, be sure to check out lots of other job titles as well.

Here are just a few of the titles I saw that had job descriptions with a lot of overlap with content strategy:
  • Communications Strategist
  • Content Development Specialist
  • Online Communications Manager
  • Web Content Producer
  • Web Editor
  • Web Content Specialist
  • Web Content Coordinator
  • Content Analyst
  • Web Publisher
  • Producer - Web Editing and Publishing
I'm sure there are others, and every job you see with one of the titles is not going to be a good match, but they are still worth checking out.

If you get one of these jobs, please push to change the job title to Content Strategist. The sooner we can standardize the title, the sooner we can begin to standardize the job tasks and get good salary numbers. We can use this information to push for higher salaries and to make sure the market is competitive for those of us with these skills.


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  2. I agree with your post.

    I've had to call myself a freelance Web Content Editor and then tell the prospective client that I specialise in web content strategy and website promotion.