Friday, February 1, 2008

"The Web Content Strategist's Bible" Just Released

After talking a big talk for quite a while, I finally dug in and wrote the book. Trying to get everything I know about Web content strategy out of my thick skull was no mean feat and I certainly would not say I've covered everything, but it's a start and a great introduction to the practice and full of good information. There is plenty here for someone new to the idea of content strategy as well as lots of process advice and personal war stories that even the most seasoned veteran will find useful.

So why an ebook?

I hope to have a lot of conversation about this topic and look forward to adding more information based on your suggestions and things that occur to me in my day-to-day work as managing editor for a the website. I'll use this blog to keep track of Web content strategy topics I plan to add and keep you informed when I put up a new version of the ebook with additional information.

Free Updates for Life

Because I hope to make a lot of ongoing changes to the ebook, I'm offering free updates for life to anyone who reads the book and takes a few minutes to write me with comments and suggestions. Tell me what I did well and what needs more work.

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