Thursday, February 7, 2008

Case Study - Changing “Filler Content” into “Killer Content” Increases sales by %142

A great case study on how just rewriting content with good Web writing guidelines and the customer in mind can provide an amazing ROI. By focusing on editorial content they took a site that had no growth in traffic or enquiries since 2002 and generated the following results:
  • From the 10th page to the 1st page of search results—and quite often the very first result—for many important keywords
  • Unique visitors up 84 percent
  • Visits up 208 percent
  • Page views up 129 percent
  • Returning visitors up 194 percent
  • Unique enquirers (remarkably) down 10 percent
  • … but sales up 142 percent!

Study Group Web Content Improvement Case Study

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